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Steve Chandler smiling imageHello, my name is Steve Chandler and welcome to Property Development Forum.

Property Development Forum is a global community of industry participants dedicated to sharing knowledge for the purpose of creating successful people and projects.


Our motto: "Success through Knowledge"


Our mission: To share knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas for the purpose of creating successful people and projects.


Our goal: To bring together experts from all facets of the property development industry to share their knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas.


We achieve our goals through sourcing and sharing articles from industry experts on a broad range of subjects.

Our office is located in Sydney Australia however this is an international website established to share expertise across global borders.

In my role as the convenor of Property Development Forum I have commenced bringing together a wide range of property development related industry experts to write articles for you, our readers. The experts' articles will be short, sharp and to the point; there will be no padding in any of the expert articles you read here. The expert contributors  know you are busy and want to provide you with the information you need in the shortest possible time.

As our website grows from our launch on Monday 1 July 2013 we will bring you more expert contributors and more expert articles. Our aim is to provide you with fresh and interesting information on a regular basis supplemented with guest expert contributors.

All the expert articles you see on this website have been contributed by the expert contributors at no cost and for your benefit. These expert articles will become an extensive library for you to access as and when you need it. Property Development Forum will become a library of information for the property development industry, and all the expert contributors want you to use it; free!

I urge you to bookmark Property Development Forum and to access the website regularly to see what's new and what may benefit you, your career and your project.

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Steve Chandler

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LEFTA Corporation Pty Ltd