LEFTA Exclusive Member Rewards for Annual Members

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Corporate Tailor Made In-House Training Programme (29% Saving).

The Corporate Tailor Made In-House Training Programme provides bespoke training designed to suit your company’s specific requirements.

Delivery of the training occurs over two days with a four (4) hour afternoon session on each day. A follow-up two (2) hour lunchtime review with course participants (meals not provided) is then scheduled for the following week to enable staff to discuss the learnings from the previous week’s course and to ask any questions that arise. After the follow-up review, individual half hour coaching sessions are undertaken with each participant to privately answer any questions that the individual may have.

The Training Programme allows for six (6) participants (with additional fees applicable for additional participants). Valued at $6,995.00 the Corporate Tailor Made In-House Training Programme is offered to all Members at $4,995.00 saving $2,000.00 (fee for additional participants is $495.00 per person).

Advance payment is required to secure one of the five (5) only Programmes available at this value. This reward is transferable to your employer or other nominated entity. The Programme must be delivered prior to 30 June 2015 otherwise Programme fee is forfeited. Price includes GST.


Property Development Consulting Package (25% saving). 

The Property Development Consulting Package enables any client with a project to be delivered to obtain exceptional value for money simply by engaging LEFTA for a twelve (12) month period and in return the client is rewarded with last three (3) months for free. Saving 25%.

If you have a project that you need assistance with, engage LEFTA for twelve (12) months and get the last three (3) months for free.

The value of the saving is subject to the amount of assistance you require. You select how much assistance you need and you determine your saving, guaranteed to equal 25%.

This reward is available exclusively to any Annual Member for agreements entered into prior to 30 June 2015. Annual Members will have the Property Development Consulting Package fee reduced by the $99.00 Annual Membership fee (deducted from the first month’s consulting package fee). This benefit is transferable to your employer or other nominated entity. Monthly consulting package fee must be paid in advance each month otherwise the saving is forfeited.


Strategic Planning Package (40% saving).

Successful property development projects are always established with a strategic plan.

The Strategic Planning Package offers you the opportunity to have a professionally prepared Strategic Project Plan established for your project. Preliminary meetings are held with you to assess the nature and complexity of your project and to enable LEFTA to prepare the next stage of the process, the strategic planning workshop.

You and your team then participate in a full day strategic planning workshop where we collaboratively explore all facets of the project using a questionnaire developed over numerous years in the industry. The questionnaire and workshop facilitation identifies critical project success factors, determines the most beneficial manner by which to achieve the project objectives and provides the critical information necessary to establish the project and guide the project delivery strategy.

The Project Strategic Plan is then developed from the strategic planning workshop outcomes through a series of draft documents and meetings with you. Valued at $24,950.00 the Strategic Planning Package is offered exclusively to Annual Members at $14,950.00 saving $10,000.00 Available to the first ten (10) Annual Members, the Strategic Planning Packages must be scheduled for delivery prior to 30 June 2015.

To secure one of the ten (10) available offers, 50% payment is required upon booking and the balance of the payment is required prior to the strategic planning workshop occurring. This reward is transferable to your employer or other nominated entity.

All Members (including Annual Members after the initial ten 40% discounted Strategic Planning Packages are sold) are also entitled to the Strategic Planning Package however at a reduced saving; a 20% saving (offer price is $19,950.00).

All Strategic Planning Packages must be scheduled for delivery by 30 June 2015. All other terms and conditions remain identical. Annual Members will have the Strategic Planning Package fee reduced by the $99.00. Annual Membership fee (deducted from the booking fee) resulting in further savings. Prices include GST.


Coaching/Mentoring Package (25% saving). 

Successful people and teams have coaches or mentors.

Finding the right coach or mentor is critical to this success; you need to be able to work together. The only way to find out if you can work with a coach or mentor is to try them. LEFTA offers an initial one hour session free.

Coaching sessions can either be face to face in LEFTA’s office or undertaken via Skype. Following your initial one hour free session, join LEFTA’s fortnightly coaching or mentoring programme for three months (six sessions) and get your fourth month free (two sessions).

Available to all Members. Annual Members will have the coaching or mentoring programme fee reduced by the $99.00 Annual Membership fee resulting in further savings. Price will vary subject to duration of coaching or mentoring sessions selected. Contact LEFTA for more details. This offer is valid for coaching and mentoring programmes entered into until 31 December 2014.


Conditions Once you become a Member contact LEFTA on 1300 2000 21 (international +61 2 8004 6669) to secure your preferred reward/s. Some terms and conditions additional to those detailed above are applicable. LEFTA reserves the right to withdraw, modify or refuse to offer the reward/s to any entity at its sole discretion.

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