Steve Chandler Seminars & Training

PrintWelcome to the Steve Chandler Seminars & Training Page on Property Development Forum.

Steve Chandler is the Managing Director of LEFTA Corporation Pty Ltd, the convenor of Property Development Forum, and  a property development industry expert with over thirty years' experience.


Steve offers a wide range of seminar and training services including guest lecturing at University of NSW and facilitating property development training at Property Council of Australia, both prestigious organisations in their own right.

In Property Council of Australia training feedback forms Steve has been rated "Equal to the best I've seen" and following a recent course Steve received the following email from an attendee "Just wanted to thank you for showing me the way forward and clearing the fog for me. I really appreciate it. It was a pleasure spending the last three days with you and I must say I have learned a lot from you."

Steve offers a number of different training opportunities including:

  • Property Development Coaching / Mentoring;
  • One day property development training programmes;
  • NSW Security of Payment Act one day training programmes;
  • Weekend property development coaching programmes; and
  • Custom designed building and property development training programmes.

Steve also provides key note speaker and workshop leader services.

For more information regarding your training requirements please contact Steve directly on 1300 2000 13.


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